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Tanya Fraizer

Director of Heart to Heart Consulting
Nurtured Heart Approach® Advanced Trainer
Tanya Fraizer is a dynamic presenter with a passion to help others find joy and peace in their personal and professional lives. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education and has also worked extensively with families, with experience in both in-home and agency-based parent education. Tanya is a Nurtured Heart Approach® Advanced Trainer, under the instruction of its creator Howard Glasser, and is the owner of Heart To Heart Consulting, through which she provides coaching and presentations on NHA® locally, nationally and internationally. She is also the Director of Trainer Network for the Children’s Success Foundation, the non-profit organization that promotes the mission of the NHA® on a global scale. Tanya lives with her family in Fargo, ND.
Tanya Fraizer is an amazing woman with great talent and amazing purpose and inspiration. I fully endorse her as a Nurtured Heart Approach® Advanced Trainer.
Howard Glasser
Creator of Nurtured Heart Approach®