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Do you feel compelled to share the work of the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA®) within your community or workplace? Do you want to take your knowledge of NHA® to even deeper levels? Then attending a NHA® Certification Training Intensive (CTI) may be perfect for you!


This 5 ½ day workshop is like no conference you’ve attended before and will help transition you from “doing the Approach” to “being the Approach”. Instructed by Howard Glasser, Creator of NHA®, you will learn not only the thinking behind the stories, techniques and methodologies of the Approach, but will also have practical, first-hand experiences in using NHA® and coaching others. Tanya will also be in attendance, serving as the trainer mentor and liaison, in her role as the Director of Trainer Network with Children’s Success Foundation. Whether you choose to take NHA® to audiences or simply use it within your family or work environment, the NHA® CTI provides the wind under you wings for new levels of success and impact.


If you are considering whether or not attending a CTI is a good fit for you OR if you know it’s what you are wanting, but have some logistical questions, Tanya offers a free 15-minute Discovery Session to answer your questions and help you explore CTI as an option for you!
  • "Tanya Frazier is an exceptional mentor, who not only teaches the NHA® with passion and commitment with herself, but to everyone she encounters in how she presents through her own life experiences and guides others to find their own path. She is the true definition of a mentor, who speaks from the heart, keeps it real, and challenges you to trust in yourself."

    NHA Certified Trainer
    NHA Certified Trainer
  • "Tanya is a dynamic, energetic trainer. She is true role model of NHA, because she lives it. She is one of the leaders in the approach. I decided to take the Nurtured Heart Training for my professional life, and quickly realized that it worked for all of my relationships. Tanya helped me understand that we” become” the approach, not just “do” the approach. I was able to see first-hand the effects of the approach on my own family, which helped me adopt it for my professional work. Tanya is the fan that flames the fire! I highly recommend her as a trainer and coach."

    Parent / Social Worker/ NHA Advanced Trainer
    Parent / Social Worker/ NHA Advanced Trainer

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