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Helping Professionals

  • Social workers
  • Child welfare workers
  • Therapists
  • Case managers
  • Medical professionals
  • Faith-based youth directors
  • Residential treatment providers
  • Direct care providers
  • Addiction treatment professionals
  • Foster parents

Ways HTHC Can Support You

  • "We have been blessed to have had Tanya provide training to our staff twice in the last few years. Her style and technique have really assisted us in understanding and believing in NHA®. We continue to incorporate this approach in our facility and have seen first hand experiences of the transformation of some very difficult teenagers we have served. This is not just a technique for the younger child; it has been amazing seeing it work with our teenage population!"

    Administrator of Residential Treatment for Teens
    Administrator of Residential Treatment for Teens
  • "It is with absolute pleasure that I recommend Tanya Frazier to anyone interested in taking their understanding of NHA® to new levels. Tanya's expertise in NHA development and training is of the highest level and has been an invaluable support to me and my establishment of Nurtured Heart Approach® Australia. She was also instrumental in making the first ever NHA Certification Training Intensive in Australia in 2014 a great success. Therefore whether you are seeking her support on a personal level in implementing the Approach, or a professional level with enhancing your business, you are in very safe hands."

    Bart Traynor, Clinical Psychologist, Founder of NHA Australia
    Bart Traynor, Clinical Psychologist, Founder of NHA Australia

It seems like a cliche, but being seen and valued is one of the most important core human needs.  The development of a strong sense of self and the ability to navigate a challenging world is not something you are born with, it has to be carefully taught and repetitively nourished.  Nurtured Heart Approach® provides a simple, “layman’s terms” manner of empowering individuals to develop the Inner Wealth® of those around them as a natural part of day to day living.


Community service providers and mental health clinicians find the tools and techniques of the Nurtured Heart Approach® to be powerful “first-hand” ways to instill growth and long-term learning of self-care skills.  In agency-wide trainings with Tanya, staff find a new way of looking at clients as well as one another and have shown transformation in workplace culture.