Ways Tanya Can Support You

  • Trainer Mentorship Groups

  • Shadowing

  • Skill building

  • Scenario processing

  • Video review and feedback

  • Personal development

  • Goal Setting

  • Career Coaching

Services can be offered in person, via skype, or on the phone.
  • "Tanya Frazier is an exceptional mentor, who not only teaches the NHA® with passion and commitment with herself, but to everyone she encounters in how she presents through her own life experiences and guides others to find their own path. She is the true definition of a mentor, who speaks from the heart, keeps it real, and challenges you to trust in yourself."

    NHA Certified Trainer
    NHA Certified Trainer

NHA® Trainer Mentorship Group

Now forming a Mentorship Group specifically for NHA® Certified and Advanced Trainers. Please contact us to be placed on the “I’m Interested” list.

Tanya is remarkably passionate about helping other NHA® Certified and Advanced Trainers see their dreams come true!  In five short years, Tanya went from attending her first NHA® Certification Training Intensive to serving as the Director of Trainer Network for Children’s Success Foundation (the non-profit that stewards NHA®), having a booming NHA® training and consulting practice, and being recognized as one of the leading experts in NHA® worldwide.


In her journey, Tanya found some of the biggest keys to her success came in the mentorship she received from others she encountered. From logistical advice on how to get started taking your teaching of NHA® on the road, to support on enriching your coaching services, to how to fine tune your understanding of certain aspects of the Approach, Tanya provides a non-intimidating and goal-driven style of supporting you as a NHA® Trainer as you venture to your next steps of success.  Through individual coaching or Mentorship Group support, you are not alone, and Tanya is delighted to share in your journey of growth and depth.