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Training Workshops

From small groups to large auditoriums, training workshops in NHA® provide a rich platform for learning how to make the strategies come alive. Tanya provides workshops of a variety of different lengths and targets each presentation to the audience in attendance, including blended audiences of parents and a variety of types of professionals. CEUs can be available upon request.

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Become an NHA® Trainer

Are you feeling called to become an NHA® Certified Trainer or even just experience a full 5-day immersion in learning the Nurtured Heart Approach®? Tanya Fraizer is part of the facilitation team of the NHA® Certification Training Intensive (CTI) presented by Children’s Success Foundation. To support you in expanding your knowledge and your reach, Tanya is delighted to offer you a free 15-minute discovery session to explore if CTI is the next step for you,

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Live & Online Classes

Choose a live or online class and immerse yourself for 6 weeks in all of the concepts of the Nurtured Heart Approach®. You will have the ability to implement the Approach throughout your learning. Classes support an enriched understanding of the Approach as well as provide a community environment through which learning can be shared and deepened.

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Personalized Coaching

If you’d like to learn NHA® in a more private, personalized manner or are looking to “notch up” your use of the Approach in your home, community, workplace, or even for your own growth, coaching is perfect for you. Tanya Fraizer meets with individuals, couples, or staff groups, with or without children present, to create individualized instruction of NHA® and “hands on” learning.

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