Learning the Nurtured Heart Approach® through one of Tanya’s Training Workshops is an interactive, fun and paradigm-shifting experience. Internationally renown for her engaging and vibrant presentation style, Tanya guides workshop participants through the tenets of NHA® using a combination of presentation styles, rich with video, storytelling and humor. Participants report with consistency that they learned far more than they anticipated and felt tooled to begin using NHA® upon walking out the door from the workshop.

Different Training Workshop lengths are available to suit your audience and are always catered to meet the needs of the particular audience and the demographic they serve. The longer the length of Training Workshop, the deeper the level of understanding can be conveyed and the more long-lasting the impact.

“This was, hands-down, the best in-service [training] I’ve attended in my 27 year teaching career!”
~ Elementary Teacher, North Dakota

FREE 30-Minute Presentation of NHA®

Looking to share NHA® with a group of friends, co-workers, or within an organization? This 30-minute session is designed to inspire! Tanya will provide a taste of the energy of what NHA® offers and will leave the audience having an understanding of the importance of seeing the world through a different lens.


15 person minimum
In-person (travel is charged by the mile) or Via Skype

Introduction to NHA®

In this engaging short presentation, Tanya will introduce the audience to the core tenets of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, including a transformational experiential exercise that attendees will not soon forget.  If you’re new to NHA® or looking to introduce someone without a long time commitment, this workshop provides information that will leave attendees tooled to make beginning changes in their relationships immediately following the event.


includes take-home resources

Orientation to NHA®

Introductory in nature, this 3-hour workshop provides audiences with an opportunity to learn the intentions and core methodology of the Nurtured Heart Approach® in synthesized manner. Using video, stories, experiential exercises and direct instruction, Tanya will guide the audience to an understanding of why NHA® is making such an impact in the world and how attendees can begin their journey of building Inner Wealth® as they walk out the door.


3-Hour presentation time
includes take-home resources

1-DayImplementation of NHA®

Though this 6-hour exploration, audiences are able to not only learn the fundamentals of NHA®, but have a variety of opportunities to practice and explore it’s implementation. Ideal for both a person new to the Approach or someone who is looking to go “back to basics,” this workshop covers all core tenets of NHA® in an engaging, interactive, and transformational manner as they relate to relationships with both youth and adults. Tanya’s blend of instruction and stories of personal experiences in the field make the presentation digestible and the day fly by, in the best of ways!


6-Hour presentation time
includes take-home resources

Implementation of NHA®

Want to dig deep and see even more transformation? This two-day experiential extravaganza leaves participants deeply knowledgeable of the practical methodology of NHA® and the significant impact that it will have on every relationship, with children and adults alike. Tanya navigates instruction in a manner that keeps participants not only engaged, but entertained, enriched, and excited for more. Audiences wrestle with the real emotions that come to the surface when tackling the topics of what it takes to provide rich emotional nutrition to others and leave feeling, not only ready to start, but inspired beyond their expectations.

12 hours presentation and experiential development
includes take home resources

Notching Up NHA®

Anyone who has taken an Nurtured Heart Approach® course or workshop knows that this Approach is not a “been there, done that” concept… there is always more to learn and deeper levels of understanding to reach! In implementing NHA® in your home or workplace, there are always next steps to be taken, questions that arise, and new goals that you set. Notching Up NHA® workshops or class series’ are designed to re-sharpen your tool set, to launch you into new heights of success, and to provide an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others in the group. Participants consistently comment on the manner in which Tanya’s Notching Up course was exactly what they needed to stay fresh, intentional, and resilient.


custom designed workshop between 1.5 – 12 hours,
or multi-week class
includes take home resources

Conference Presentations: Keynotes & Breakouts

Through Tanya’s dynamic and entertaining style, conference audiences are drawn into her presentations and inspired by her message of hope and intention. Attendees are regularly heard reflecting on the way in which Tanya’s sessions are a breath of fresh air, in a world of stereotypical conference monotony. From introductory NHA® workshops of any length, to topics on personal development, adult relationships, bullying prevention, stress management, and more, Tanya has been referred to as a “must-book” for conferences and conventions, across disciplines.

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